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Each one of our expertly formulated products is supported by stringent medical testing to ensure we can offer results with clinical surety. Unique to SOLAL®, QualiSafe is a 10 step quality checking process that ensures complete product safety and effectiveness. Our extensive SOLAL®product range has been formulated across 13 categories to address a wide range of health concerns across age, gender and lifestyle.

At the core of SOLAL® is our Specialised Age Control range, designed to oppose age-related chronic disease and disability. Through specific formulations of nutraceuticals, this highly specialised range slows down mental and physical degeneration allowing you to feel younger, because biologically you will be.

Made with only the safest forms of vitamins and nutraceuticals, our Wellness Essentials mean you can live every day the way you want to.

The Energy and Performance range is formulated with natural ingredients that work on a cellular level to correct the underlying causes of fatigue, providing your cells with the energy they need to heal and be healthy.

Mood, Stress and Sleep products work together to naturally treat the root causes of emotional imbalance.

From an instant boost, to long-term memory protection, our Brain and Memory products help you mentally perform at your peak, whilst protecting you from age-related degeneration.

Unlike mainstream quick fixes, Metabolic Health work together for effective, lasting, and most importantly, healthy weight control.

More than just supplying bones with essential nutrients, Bones and Joints effectively reduces inflammation and deterioration for long-term mobility.

Our Women’s range is specifically designed to balance women’s hormonal systems, maintaining optimum health and youth.

Specifically formulated to help balance natural hormone levels in men, our Men’s Range improves mental and physical performance.

Digestive Health supports healthy digestion, allowing our bodies to detox and repair.

Heart addresses the underlying root cause of heart disease, to ensure this vital organ never skips a beat.

Defense System Support is specifically formulated to protect, strengthen, kill germs and minimise seasonal symptoms.

Our Skin, Hair and Nails range provides elasticity, hydration and nutrients to the dermis, because beauty begins from the inside out.

Healthy Aging is about living beyond the boundaries of age-related constraints. It is less about looking young and more about feeling great.

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