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Probiotics 101

There are 10 times more bacteria living inside your intestine, than the entire number of cells in your body. That’s as much as 5,000 billion bacteria in every 5ml…

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Stressed Out Hormones

Some degree of stress seems to be a normal part of most people’s lives today – having to juggle career, family, finances and housework leaves many of us feeling…

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A pain in the eye

While it’s unlikely to cause permanent damage, eye strain does affect your ability to work effectively or productively and can be a real pain. Eye strain caused by computer…

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Introducing New Solal Curcumin-Novasol

185x better absorbed 7x faster-acting They say you are what you EAT. But that is not true. If what you eat is not absorbed from your intestine, then it…

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Magnesium is the most important mineral to be supplementing with

According to research published in the American Family Physician medical journal, 75% of people following a westernised diet and lifestyle (such as most South Africans) are deficient in magnesium.…

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How to survive a heart attack

Minutes matter when you’re having a heart attack. Here’s your survival guide. At the first sign of a heart attack you need to act fast and follow these three…

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