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Feeling stressed

Take the stress test Stress is one of the most common factors readily associated with causing disease in modern times. Continuous stress can cause the body to release excessive…

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Too sick to exercise?

Regular exercise boosts your immune system and reduces your risk of illness. In fact, people who are deemed fit have a lower risk of contracting an upper respiratory infection…

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Pasta: demon or demonised?

/>In the 80s and 90s we couldn’t get enough pasta, but in today’s low-carb frenzy, it’s the first to fall off the bus. Pasta’s high carbohydrate content does indeed…

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Salting away your health

Putting salt on food isn’t a new practice – it’s believed to have first been done to preserve food, and scientists think this may have been the precursor to…

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Sex after a heart attack

Adjusting to everyday life after having a heart attack can be a challenge, with uncertainty about what to eat, how much to exercise and how to deal with stress.…

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Sitting is the New Smoking

If you sit at your desk all day but consider yourself to be relatively healthy because you regularly go to gym, you may want to carry on reading. A…

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