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No, Solal Is Not Owned By Monsanto And We Don’t Support GMO

There is a rumour circulating that SOLAL® is directly or indirectly owned by Monsanto and that we support the use of GMO (genetically modified organisms) in our products; and that this has affected our product quality.

This rumour is a lie. Neither SOLAL®, nor our holding company – Ascendis Health – is owned by Monsanto, not even one share. We are a publically listed company on the Johannesburg stock exchange. Brent Murphy, founder of SOLAL® is one of our shareholders, and Brent still continues to head up SOLAL®’s new product development, as he always has done.

SOLAL® is one of the few supplement companies in South Africa that is anti-GMO. GMO screening forms part of our QualiSafe™ 10-step quality checking and auditing process, unique to SOLAL®, which also includes, where appropriate, other safety checks, such as pesticide residue, heavy metals, extraction solvent residue, potency, purity and stability. Brent Murphy has appeared on radio and written in articles on concerns about GMO

The only reason a handful of our product formulations have changed, is to comply with new Medicine Control Council (MCC) regulations. These changes involve either a reduction in dosage of certain vitamins (such as vitamin B12 and niacin), or a discontinuation of certain products, such as DHEA and melatonin. These changes affect all supplement companies, not only SOLAL®. In no case have products been altered or reformulated to include synthetic or GMO ingredients. In fact the opposite is true: In many cases we have begun using extracts that have employed patented gentle and natural extraction techniques that preserve the delicate structure of the plant’s phytochemicals, and that don’t leave unhealthy solvent residue behind, which is a problem with some cheap plant extracts from unreliable sources.

SOLAL® also ensures that we don’t use any unhealthy fillers or colourants (hence the reason that almost all of our capsule shells are colourless and transparent).

SOLAL® is backed by Ascendis Health, a JSE-listed healthcare company, so we are more stringent that ever when it comes to quality and safety. Our QualiSafe quality assurance process, combined with the patented processes we apply to protect plant extracts, and our team of expert research and development pharmacists, who ensure that all of our products are manufactured in licensed GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) pharmaceutical registered facilities, gives you peace of mind that your family is getting the most effective, best absorbed, safest and purest nutraceutical supplements in South Africa.

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