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Feeling stressed

Take the stress test

Stress is one of the most common factors readily associated with causing disease in modern times. Continuous stress can cause the body to release excessive quantities of potentially harmful and disease causing stress hormones.

There are three categories of stress symptoms, each with its own unique nutraceutical solution. Take the questionnaire below to determine which category you fall into. If more than one category of stress applies based on the symptoms below, you may combine the nutraceuticals from different categories.


 Racing mind
 Don’t get enough sleep
 Weight loss is difficult
 Poor skin condition
 Obsessive behaviour
 Irregular menstrual cycle (women) or
 Erectile dysfunction (men)


 Excessive sleep
 Sensitivity to cold
 Poor concentration
 No/poor appetite


 Guilty feelings
 Panic feelings
 Easily irritated
 No motivation
 Pain sensitivity

Scored 4 or more? Take:
Stress Damage Control™ and Super Mega-B
Scored 4 or more?  Take:
Burnout™ and Super Mega-B
Scored 4 or more? Take:
Naturally High™ and Super Mega-B

About SOLAL®’s stress-relieving nutraceuticals

Why SOLAL® Stress Damage Control™ is BEST:

  • Concentrated Rhodiola rosea extract (two components: 3% rosavins and 3% salidrosides). Most extracts typically are concentrated for only one component, and often only at 1% concentration;
  • Contains organic-certified KSM-66™ brand of Ashwagandha, tested to contain the highest percentage of active withanolides, derived from roots alone (not less effective leaves);
  • Contains bioidentical vitamin B1 (thiamine pyrophosphate), which is absent in other formulations.

Why SOLAL® Burnout™ is BEST:

  • Panax ginseng is concentrated at 10% ginsenoside content and it contains all 7 ginsenosides. Each ginsenoside works differently and therefore it is important to include them all. Many other extracts are lower in concentration, or don’t contain the full ginsenoside spectrum;
  • Made from the more effective Panax ginseng root only, not the above ground parts of the plant;
  • Licorice extract contains up to 4% glycyrrhizic acid, which is essential to boost adrenal gland function. Some licorice extracts contain no glycyrrhizic acid at all.

Why SOLAL® Naturally High™ is BEST:

  • Unlike many prescription antidepressants, the nutrients and plant extracts contained in Naturally High™ are not associatedwith weight gain or reduced libido;
  • Works in three ways to help support: (1) mood, (2) calmness, and (3) reduce fatigue;
  • Elevates all three mood-boosting neurotransmitters.

Why SOLAL® Super Mega-B™ is BEST:

  • Contains all six B-complex vitamins AND four B-helpers for effectiveness;
  • Bioidentical forms of B-complex vitamins, in their ready-to-use forms, not precursor forms. Safe methylcobalamin form of vitamin B12, not the cyanocobalamin form which generates small amounts unhealthy cyanide as a by-product inside the body;
  • Effective doses for adrenal support and stress relief.

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