Collagen Intensive Skin Therapy



SOLAL® aims to provide a holistic solution for our target consumers to ensure optimal benefit for beautiful skin from the inside out.

The SOLAL® difference. SOLAL® Collagen Intensive Skin Therapy Powder has a unique triple action formulation that restructures, repairs and hydrates the skin.

Contains hydrolysed type I collagen:
Breaks down into digestible, easier to dissolve peptide amino acids for absorption into the body
Repairs, restructures and hydrates skin cells.
Improves skin suppleness and smooths wrinkles in older adults.

Added hyaluronate sodium:
Has exceptional physico-chemical properties such as strong hydration and visco-elasticity.
Aids in tissue repair.

Each 11,3 g serving contains collagen peptides (Hydrolysed type I collagen) and sodium hyaluronate

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SOLAL® knows that an increasing number of people are adopting holistic wellness lifestyles and seeking alternative solutions that go beyond what conventional pharmaceutical medicines can offer.
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